Ken Ringe - Bayview Construction Services

General Contractor & President

Ken Ringe General Contractor and President BIOGRAPHY Ken Ringe, president of Bayview Construction Services, is also a licensed general contractor. He has a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Florida. Ringe, who has served on the Martin County Zoning & Planning Board for four years, is an active volunteer in both nonprofit and professional…

Ron Ferschke

Vice President of Operations

Ron Ferschke Vice President of Operations BIOGRAPHY Ron Ferschke, Vice President of Operations for Bayview Construction, has worked at the company for 12 years. With 45 years of experience as a General Contractor, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the company. Current and past volunteer activities include Boy Scouts, Knights of Columbus and…

Gerri Hermann

Of Counsel

Gerry Herrmann Of Counsel BIOGRAPHY   Contact Phone: (772) 283-9300

Vinny Persiani

Financial Consultant

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Contract Administrator

Ashley Roberts Contract Administrator BIOGRAPHY After four years at the University of North Florida studying Building Construction, Ashley Roberts joined the Bayview family in May of 2018, where she is a Contract Administrator. While attending the Marine & Oceanographic Academy, a branch of Fort Pierce Westwood High School, Roberts was an active volunteer on weekends…

Dot Krombs

Accounting Administrator

Dot Krombs Accounting Administrator BIOGRAPHY Dot Krombs, Project Administrator, is a graduate of Nassau Community College in New York. She has worked at Bayview Construction since 2004. Prior to that, she was employed by Sidney Rosenthal CPA; Computer System and Technology; Century 21AA and Glass Block Warehouse from 1997 to 2004. Krombs is a longtime…

TJ Nichols

Project Manager

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Ian Lowery

Project Manager

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Joe Ciaravino

Project Manager

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Warren Landy

Project Manager

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