To Whom It May Concern:

Bayview Construction Corporation was selected as the contractor for our new marina clubhouse by a committee following a careful review of credentials, experience and references. Throughout the process, we were impressed by Bayview’s diligence and professionalism in administrative and financial matters as well as their expertise as builders. They maintained the flow of communications so essential to a project like this through weekly work group meetings, summarized in consistent follow-up reports.

Their superintendent, Jeff McCauley, did an excellent job of keeping the project on schedule and managing the various subcontractors, vendors and suppliers associated with the work. Jim Hill, the overall project manager, was responsive to all requests for information, product samples and other items. He also was highly effective as a liaison with our architect and other members of the design team.

From its senior managers to its office personnel, we found Bayview Construction Corp. to be a company with knowledgeable, capable people in every position. The result is a clubhouse that not only met our budget target but also meets the high standards of our community.

We are therefore pleased to recommend Bayview as a general contractor.



Mark Tyson, General Manager