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Here at Bayview Construction Services, we believe that construction is not just about concrete, steel and lumber; It is about people. Architects who turn ideas into functional form and innovative design. Tradespeople and artisans who move designs from concept to reality. And most important, clients whose hopes and dreams are sustained in what we build for them.

Bayview Construction Services is about the relationships between those people. But we think it is even more impressive that we have been executing business for many of those 40 years, with a lot of the same people.

Architects we can depend on to make ideas work. Tradespeople and artisans, we can trust to be on the job, on demand. Most importantly, clients we can count as partners in every project we produce, in every way. At Bayview Construction Services, we build relationships!

The Foundations of Bayview Construction Services


Throughout our 40+ years building Commercial, Residential and Custom Designed projects, our high-quality work and relationships with our clients speaks for itself. Browse through our Testimonials and see that our commitments exceed expectations, deliver on time and that our many clients often contract with us again and do not hesitate to recommend our services.



Within our project specifications we always aim to be professional and humbly take pride in our many awards in the industry. We adhere to our budgets, as our clients will attest, and work very closely with them with full transparency when additional requests come to light during construction. Our integrity and relationship with the client from beginning to end is what sets us apart.


Over the years we have honed our highly skilled team and procedures to create a solid set of procedures from design to completion. This teamwork extends naturally to helping our client understand every step and to work closely with them to keep them part of the team throughout every stage. We recognize clearly that our team of experts is part of your team to achieve your vision succinctly and professionally.


There is nothing more important to Bayview Construction Services than our reputation and professional commitment to you the client. We pride ourselves in our team of professionals who consistently go out of their way to make the entire process clear, flexible and friendly with attention to detail.

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