Design Build by Bayview Construction Services


Bayview Construction Services’ approach features a full team that is dedicated to producing results that meet clients’ needs.

Rather than using separate entities, a unified design-build team operates seamlessly as a single unit.

In the 40-plus years Bayview Construction Services has been in business, they found nothing fosters a spirit of cooperation between principles better than this team concept.

Bayview Construction Services Design Build

With a commitment to sustainable building, the Bayview team has worked on a variety of projects with varying degrees of sustainable goals and can provide for National Green Building or LEED certification.

The Bayview Construction Services Design build Benefits


Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Turn-key single source responsibility to manage design-build group members
  • Cooperation between design and construction professionals to explore, design, and engineer cost effective construction methods
  • Shortening of project delivery time, thus reducing costs
  • Accelerated communication and response time, resulting in quicker resolution of issues and concerns
  • Bayview Construction Services’ open-book policy rewarding project documentation and accountability for all costs

Historically, builders embraced both design and construction roles to build the world’s greatest structures. Bayview Construction Services will be your single entity that is contractually responsible for delivering on all aspects of your project’s design, engineering and construction.

Our approach features a full team dedicated to producing results that meet our customers’ needs. The owner can confidently enjoy the experience of working with a unified design-build that works on the client’s behalf with single-source responsibility.

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