To whom it may Concern,

I selected Bayview Construction to build my first Sylvan Learning Center. I first met their Vice President Jim Hill and was impressed with his professionalism and the enthusiasm expressed for my project. Bayview was required to work with the Small Business Administration and he helped me with the information and documentation that was required.

They also selected the architect Tony Harwell to design the interiors of the project. I never expected the design and construction to turn out so incredible, particularly with the curved entrance-reception wall.

Jim Bell was the project superintendent on the project. I felt throughout the building of the project; I could trust him and Bayview Construction to execute the job as per the contract and construction schedule, to communicate relevant issues to me, to hire quality subcontractors, and communicate with me fairly regarding any issues.

I highly recommend Bayview Construction to anyone considering building a project. I certainly will be using their services for my future building projects.



Sharon Gray

Franchise Owner

Sylvan Learning Center of Fort Pierce