Eric BaumgartenEric Baumgarten

Project Manager / Estimator


Eric Baumgarten is an accomplished construction project manager and estimator with extensive industry experience. In 2006, he worked for Bayview on a 55,000 SF project where an old Walmart store was transformed by demolishing a substantial part of the roof and constructing a 2-story metal building within the existing walls, all completed on schedule.

With a robust background in commercial and high-end residential construction, Eric has forged a reputation as a dependable and adept professional. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction in 1992, laying the foundation for his successful career.

Eric’s roles encompass a wide spectrum of construction expertise, from meticulous estimating to skillful project management. His keen estimation skills have consistently secured projects, while his adept project management has ensured timely, quality-compliant completions. Additionally, Eric’s prowess as a business developer has led to acquiring new contracts, always prioritizing his company’s interests.

Among his significant projects, Eric managed the $20 million Mar-a-Lago Grand Ballroom for President Trump and oversaw over $40 million worth of projects for the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach, showcasing his capabilities in handling complex endeavors.

While Eric’s professional achievements stand out, he’s open to future opportunities for community involvement. Beyond work, Eric unwinds through sports like golf, frisbee, and basketball, and channels his creativity into inventing. He also hones his skills in winemaking and distilling, crafting unique wine and whiskey creations.

As a Project Manager and Estimator, Eric’s signature emphasizes the work itself, underscoring his commitment to project excellence over formal titles.


Phone: (772) 283-9300