Frances Morton

Frances Morton

Accounts Administrator


Frances Morton is an experienced Accounts Administrator with a strong focus on precision and a proven track record in financial administration and accounts management. Her extensive educational background and professional history make her a valuable asset to Bayview Construction Services.

Frances holds a Business Administration Certificate from Kee Business College in Virginia, providing her with a solid foundation in business principles and administration strategies. She has also pursued accounting courses at Houston Community College in Texas, demonstrating her commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

Frances has achieved notable milestones in her financial career. She previously served as a Payables Coordinator at ExxonMobil Chemical, showcasing her attention to detail and adeptness in managing intricate payables processes. Her role as an Accounts Payable Clerk at Minto Communities further underscores her ability to handle financial data efficiently, contributing to streamlined financial workflows.

In addition to her professional achievements, Frances has generously volunteered her skills and time to the community. She contributed her expertise to the Boys & Girls Club through ExxonMobil’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. Additionally, her involvement with the Women’s Home highlights her dedication to supporting and empowering women facing challenges.

Beyond her financial responsibilities, Frances finds fulfillment in gardening and sewing. These hobbies reflect her meticulous nature, patience, and nurturing qualities—attributes that undoubtedly contribute to her success in her professional pursuits.

As the Accounts Administrator at Bayview Construction Services, Frances Morton continues to excel by leveraging her extensive education and professional experience. Her commitment to precision, combined with her adaptable skill set, positions her as a vital contributor to the financial operations of Bayview Construction Services.


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