Jason RoudebushJason Roudebush

Project Manager


Jason Roudebush serves as a Project Manager at Bayview Construction Services, where his extensive experience and expertise drive successful outcomes in various construction and environmental projects. With a solid academic foundation and a diverse professional track record, Jason plays a pivotal role in the realms of land development, agricultural infrastructure, stream restoration, wetland creation, and residential and commercial construction.

Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health and a Master of Science degree in Watershed Science from Colorado State University. These qualifications have equipped him with a deep understanding of the environmental and ecological factors that significantly influence the construction and development industry.

Jason brings over a decade of focused Project Management experience to his role. His career has spanned a wide array of complex projects, demonstrating his adeptness at navigating challenges and delivering exceptional outcomes. From overseeing land development projects to handling agricultural infrastructure initiatives, stream restoration projects, and wetland creation efforts, Jason’s versatility underscores his proficiency. Moreover, his expertise extends to the residential and commercial construction sectors, where his leadership has consistently led to the successful completion of diverse and demanding projects.

Beyond his professional commitments, Jason prioritizes family and outdoor pursuits. Following his recent move to Southern Florida, he’s been drawn to the region’s natural recreational opportunities. Previously a passionate bird hunter and fly fisherman in Colorado, Jason now indulges in boating and fishing in the waters of Jupiter, Florida, accompanied by his family.

Currently holding the position of Project Manager at Bayview Construction Services, Jason Roudebush’s seasoned leadership, experience, and dedication are indispensable assets to the company’s undertakings. His capable guidance ensures the effective execution of projects, solidifying his role as a driving force within the team.


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