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Michael Pogue is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in financial management and control. With a strong educational background and a proven track record in various industries, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Controller at Bayview Construction Services.

Michael earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Northwood University in West Palm Beach, FL. His exceptional academic performance reflects his commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of business principles.

Throughout his career, Michael has held key financial positions in reputable organizations, honing his skills and knowledge in financial management. He served as a Controller at Ecclestone Signature Homes in West Palm Beach, FL, where he successfully implemented financial controls and contributed to the company’s growth and profitability.

Prior to that, Michael held the position of Controller at VM Iron Work & Structural Steel Corporation in Palm City, FL, where he played a crucial role in overseeing the company’s financial operations and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Michael’s passion for community involvement is evident through his volunteer work. He served as Treasurer for the Treasure Coast Autism Project, where he applied his financial acumen to support the organization’s mission. He also demonstrated his leadership abilities as President of the Murray Middle School Band Parents Association, where he successfully managed the association’s finances and contributed to the development of the school’s music program. Additionally, Michael served as a Board Member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Palm Beach & Martin Counties, furthering his commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

Outside of his professional and volunteer commitments, Michael enjoys a range of hobbies. He is an avid pickleball player, finding joy in the competitive and social aspects of the sport. He also follows Ohio State Football passionately, supporting his favorite team with unwavering enthusiasm. Golfing and attending Pearl Jam concerts are other activities that bring him relaxation and enjoyment. Lastly, as a proud parent, Michael humorously mentions that one of his hobbies includes “moving teenagers out of his house,” reflecting his dedication to raising independent and successful children.

As the Controller at Bayview Construction Services, Michael Pogue combines his educational background, extensive work experience, and commitment to community involvement to ensure effective financial management and control. With his expertise, attention to detail, and passion for excellence, he plays a vital role in driving the company’s success.


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